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[Audio] Lasse Lindh (라세 린드) – Run To You (Angel Eyes OST)

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Swedish Singer Lasse Lindh Sings for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

Continuing his participation in Korean OSTs, Swedish singer, Lasse Lindh lent his voice for the OST of SBS’ Angel Eyes.

On April 7, Lasse Lindh released the song Run to You, which was composed by music director Nam Hye Seung with lyrics written by Lasse Lindh.

Swedish Singer Lasse Lindh Sings for ‘Angel Eyes’ OST

The song played in the first two episodes of Angel Eyes, perfectly fitting in with the first love story between Park Dong Joo (Kang Ha Neul) and Yoon Soo Wan (Nam Ji Hyun).

Lasse Lindh has also participated in the OST for MBC’s Soul Mate and for tvN’s I Need a Romance with the song I Could Give You Love.

Photo Credit: Lasse Lindh’s Facebook, SBS

Source: enewsworld

[Audio] The Heirs OST Part 4

Esna (에스나) – 아랫입술 물고 (Biting lower lips)

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[Audio] 131024 The Heirs OST Part 3

Changmin (창민) [2AM] – Moment

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[Audio] 131015 1圈圈 – Ku Hye Sun Interview

This is a radio interview conducted during the opening party

Source: CRHK

recorded by meow, credit if repost

brief translation starting from @1:05
Host: Vanessa (VY)
Ku Hye Sun: KHS
VS: Besides me is Ku HyeSun, an actress who is beautiful and has good acting skill. This time she visits Hong Kong for her own solo exhibition which is held at Harbour City. Let’s have a chat with her. Annyeonghasayo~
KHS: (In Cantonese) Hello, I’m Ku Hye Sun. (can’t hear clearly..) “Yat Huen Huen” (name of the program) Vanessa Yang
VY: This is the second time you visit Hong Kong. Why do you like Hong Kong so much?
KHS: Hong Kong is a central place that people from all over the world come and it is also a place of so much cultural exchange and that is why I like Hong Kong.
VY: How do you think Hong Kong people see your art?
KHS: I put into them (referring to her drawings and paintings) somethings I can find/discover in daily living, things that give me feelings of comfort, animals that I love…memories are contained. What I hope is that people would have fun watching them.
VY: Why is the exhibition called AfterImage? What is the theme?
KHS: How I decide on what to draw are from the lingering images or remnant after having a dream or when things I love shimmer/flicker in front of my eyes and  the feelings and memories I get when I see these images. That is how I do them.
VY: Which painting among the exhibits you like most?
KHS: I love everything. (referring to her work pieces)  But, I would pick my cat Mango.
VY: Then would you like to bring Mango to Hong Kong?
KHS: You want me to bring Mango to Hong Kong? (laughing) I would like to but cats are animals who usually fear going outside, so (she starts cracking up here) I need to ask Mango about it. (laughter)
VY: If fans would like see Mango, you can visit her exhibition from now on till Oct 27, in which shows various works with the image of Mango

Korean (KHS’s answer) translated by cheerkoo @ soompi

Cantonese translated by meow

Credit if repost


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