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20살 구혜선.


연출 초보 시절. 집중. (Directing novice days. Concentration.)

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[News] Director Ku Hye Sun’s movie “Daughter” will be making a special screening at the congress.

[Reporter Kim Yeha] Special screening at the congress.

YG Entertainment announced on Nov 20th that Ku Hye Sun’s new movie, <Daughter> will hold a special screening meeting on Nov. 24th specifically for all the members of the congress (all parties).

The reason for this special meeting is to understand and to solve the problem of child abuse and other social problems.  This meeting was co-organized by the senator and activist Nam Yoon In Soon who states that: Child abuse problem is real in our society as portrayed in the movie, <Daughter>. We aim to look for and implement alternatives and solutions form the congressional level.”

The other organizer of this meeting is production company’s representative Choi SuhYoung who states that: “This is a movie that makes you think a lot about the relationships of children and parents. I gladly supported this special screening so that many people will watch this movie with deep concern.”

<Daughter> is a movie that portrays the psychology of parental abuse and gives a societal message–released on 6th.

<Daughter> having initially opened at 19th BIFF and created a stir.

Source: bntnews

Translation by cheerkoo @ soompi

[Interview] TenAsia – Ku Hye Sun: “Not that I have more talents than others, it is that I am more delayed than others.”

Ku Hye Sun is referred to as “all-around-beauty who can do anything” But she is also referred to as one who cannot do anything well. To all these references, Ku Hye Sun says that she is” developmentally about 10 years slower than others. I have not found my major yet.”

To find her major, Ku Hye Sun is diligently building her skills and talents. Already, this is her third feature length movie. But, it is her first time not only directing but also appearing in her movie.

you must be familiar by now with being called a director. This is already your 3rd movie.
Ku: I don’t have much thought about it. (laughter)

How did you think of the story?
Ku: Talking with married friends… (omitted as it has been covered in previous interviews/ articles)

Isn’t it your story?
Ku: No, it is not my story. There are some similarities. My parents tend to be strict and a bit of my mom is in it. Of course, if it was entirely my story, I think I would be tearing and having hard time talking about it.

It is not a usual mother’s love story.

Ku:  I also grew up getting hit a lot. But, my mother does not remember. (laughter) It is because she does not think of it as using force/violence but a way to teach a child right from wrong. But, to a young child, it could be felt as violence and force. I wanted to portray how a same incident can be experienced differently through a movie. That is how I interviewed my friends. In the movie, the mother tells Sanyi that she will get hit 5x for getting one problem wrong. Many parents were like that while we were growing up. It may sound shocking now, but it was very common. It is common now too. The image of mother may change depending of the generation. Parents may also feel much pressure to raise a child well.  

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[News] Goo Hye Sun says she doesn’t plan to ever leave YG Entertainment

Goo Hye Sun revealed that she doesn’t plan to ever leave YG Entertainment.

The multi-talented actress was asked for her honest thoughts on her agency and CEO Yang Hyun Suk during a recent interview with Newsen at the YGE HQ. She shared, “CEO Yang Hyun Suk and I don’t place much importance on whether we’re together or not. Either way, I don’t have any plans to leave YG. I just think of it as a matter of fact that I should be here now [laughs]. If it’s something related to YG, I feel like it concerns me because we’ve been together for a long time. Now we just think that we shouldn’t cause any disadvantage to each other.”

Goo Hye Sun continued that she’s grown attached to the label. She said,“Just like how I can’t leave a place I’ve been in or a pet dog that I’ve raised for a long time, YG also applies. I find it hard to leave things that I’m used to… People say that I’m taking on various things, but that mindset to challenge myself is limited to my own sphere. People might think that I go on vacations often as well, but I’m not like that at all. I’m a homebody.”

Source: allkpop

Photo Source: Newsen


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